These are my breeding cats Tyson and Kayla. Their family trees  are  visible at the pages Females and Males. They have had a litter together on April 7, 2018: two daughters and one son!


On this website you can find information about my cattery GigaBuzz Maine Coon, my female Kayla and my male Tyson, kittens and which cats are for sale.


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Aimee and Abel at the back; one day old!

The litter of Tyson and Kayla is born on April 7, 2018!

One red tomcat and two lovely ladies.


The daughters are named Aimee and Afra and the son Abel. You'll see their Family tree names at the page kittens.

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Samantha Beekmans from Zutphen is a very good friend. She helps me with this site and Facebook. I'm very grateful to her! ❤