About us

This website is for Cattery Gigabuzz Maine Coon in Maartensdijk (municipality Utrecht), raised by me, Saskia Aalders.  At first I wanted a catteryname consisting of a part of my name and one of my breeding cats, but I might have other breeding cats in the future and there was already a catteryname very similar to my idea. So I chose GigaBuzz. Buzzing is an other word for purring, whirring or whizzing. This breed Maine Coon is known by its sweet character and affection. Both my breeding cats and their kittens are extreme cuddlers, so therefore they can Giga Buzz.😉


Cattery GigaBuzz is a registrated cattery. At the bottom of this page you can read my procedure with kittens. I am affiliated with Mundikat (membership number 2017170) and rasclub Maine Coon. My Maine Coons Tyson en Kayla are cats with family tree. Kayla lives with us since August 2014 and Tyson since November 2017.


Since 2013 I breed Main Coons with great pleasure. The first litter consisted of four kittens and they are all placed at a good home. After that I have had four other litters, of which three are Kayla's. Kayla and Tyson have had their last litter April 2018. A next litter will be with a different breeding couple.


The Maine Coon is the only breed of cats I ever had and by far favourite. I chose these for their beautiful appearance and sweet character.


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My partner is named Alexander Mulder and we also have a dog together, named Spike. He is a cross between and American Stafford and a Pitbull.  Spike is a big, young boy and 1,5 years old.

Kittens and sale

Our first priority is good health, as well as character and beautiful looks. Tyson and Kayla are checked for dental problems, heart defects and joint disorders, and they are healty. They also don't have viral blood diseases or kidney diseases. At this moment a genetic test is being executed in England for our breeding cats. As soon as the results are known, you will find them at the paged Females and Males.

The test are for:

• Maine Coon HCM

• Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD)

• Piruvate Kinase Deficiency (PKDef)

• Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)


All our kittens will be vaccinated, checked externally and chipped. We advise to make an echo while they are young, so health problems such as above are being detected in an early stage.

We like to breed characterfull cats, with a nice, sweet and frolic temperament. Our Coons are above all our buddies and pets.


If you have any questions about my background, cattery, health investigations or family trees, feel free to contact me.