Breeding cats, house cats, studs

At this moment there a NO kittens for sale.


With reservations we ask a deposit of 25% of the purchase price. There will be no refund with cancellations. Down this page you will find the sale conditions.


The kittens Aimee, Abel and Afra are SOLD in August. 

Because of the holiday season kittens may stay longer at our place than 13 weeks, so they get the best start at their new owner.


Our domestic cat Quincy is FOR SALE for €650,-. She doesn't have a family tree. You see pictures and information lower on this page. We're gonna buy a breeding female with family tree, because Kayla has had her last litter. Kayla will stay with us as grandmother.


Our stud Tyson is SOLD.


Quincy is born on October 30, 2017. She is the daughter of Kayla and Brandit. Quincy doesn't have a family tree, so we sell her as domestic cat. She may have her first litter when she is at least 1,5 years old.




Our male Tyson is SOLD.


In the near future we are gonna buy an other stud, so we will get special kitten colours, like Blue Tabby Torched and White.

Sale conditions

1. Care

The new owner will give the kitten satisfying space to live. Outside the kitten will always be in a restricted area or leashed. The owner shall take good care of the fur, provide regularly fresh drinking water and good food. The owner will also let a veterinarian do the annual checks and vaccinations. Finally the owner will be home often to give the kitten the attention and love a Maine Coon needs.


The breeder is not responsible for any diseases of the kitten when the owner did not deflowed, dewormed of annual vaccinated the kitten.


2. Guarantee

When a congenital abnormality occurs within the first year of life, the breeder will provide another kitten of the same quality if or when this one is available. Veterinarian costs are for the owner.

The breeder reserves the right to have done a second opinion by her own veterinarian, at costs for the breeder.


3. House cats

The owner will have the house cat sterilized before the 10th month of live.


4. Breeding cats

A stud may cover outside his family for a maximum of three covers a quater. More covers outdoors will be too stressful for the stud.

A female is only allowed to have a litter after she is 1,5 years old. Per litter only two cats may be sold or kept as breeding cats. The rest shall be house cats.


5. Reposition

When the kitten for any reason needs to go to another owner, the breeder has the first right of repurchase. The repurchase price for a house cat of 3 to 6 months is half of the purchase amount; 6 to 12 months a third; older than one year a fifth. The repurchase price of a breeding cat of 3 to 12 months is half of the purchase amount; older than one year a third. It is possible to discuss this.


With reposition other than the breeder, the breeder will be notified of the (address) data of the new owner.


The kitten will under no circumstanced be brought at an animal shelter.