Litter April 7, 2018






Saturday, April 7, 2018 the babies of Kayla & Tyson are born! I'd like to announce their names by the pictures below. They're included in the Maine Coon Database by their catteryname Gigabuzz.




Family Tree name: Aimee Amarillis GigaBuzz

Nickname: Aimee

Colour: Black-Tortie

Birth weight: 149 gram




Status: Sold


August 6 Aimee moved to the Hendriks family together with her sister.

Aimee at Saint Nicholas




Family Tree name: Aladdin Abel GigaBuzz

Nickname: Abel

Colour: Red Tabby

Birth weight: 143 gram



Status: Sold


Abel moved August 13 to his new home.


Abel at Saint Nicholas




Family Tree name: Afrodite Aloë GigaBuzz

Nickname: Afra

Colour: Black-Tortie

Birth weight: 152 gram




Status: Sold


August 6 Afra moved to the Hendriks family together with her sister Aimee.

Afra at Saint Nicholas


The sale price will be determined per litter, whereby a distinction is made between domestic cats and breeding cats. The colours and fysical strenght, based on weight gain and development, also play along.


Included are vaccinations for Cat Disease and Kidney Disease and the kitten is deflowed and wormed according to the full procedure. The kitten is chipped and checked by veterinarian Dierendokters in Hilversum. You'll receive an animal passport and a family tree certificate. A kitten will leave our home when he or she is older than 13 weeks. Due to holiday season the kitten may stay longer with us. 


As for feed, we provide cat chunks of Royal Canin. We prefer fried fresh meat, but Kayla doesn't favour this.